Package shopping

The advertisement of a package does effect the chance of an item being bought. If I am walking around in the mall and I see a colorful box then I am always going to stop and see what could be in the package. Now on the other spectrum, if the box is cardboard and dull-looking then I will have less enterest in the package and most likely just keep walking. The package an item is in has a huge role in advertisement because that is what the people see before they see the product. The must trust the package to show what they are buying and make it look good. If the package is not what I expect then I will probably go spend my money on something else.


Letter head

A letter head is a stantionary that contains the info, logo, and other relevent materials involved with a business or group. The letter head is printed on either the top, left, right, or bottom of the letter and never goes past 2.5 inches in to the letter itself.

Business card

A business card is a small ocument that can be handed to others to give them your contact information such as: Phone number, fax number, home adress, hometown, website adress, and youor email adress. Business cards are used to hand to people for business deals and to open opportunities in the world, basicly a form of advertisment.


A logo is a name, symbol, emblem, or trademark designed for easy and definite recognition. In short, a logo is one of the most important elements in defining an image for a company. A logo can contain text, graphics, or a combination of both.



Its hard for me to really pick one type of music as my favorite. Music to me is not something you listen to pass the time, its a part of life and can alter how we all feel and act. If I really had to pick one type of music as my favorite, it would be either rap or hip-hop. I enjoy these kinds because I enjoy to dance as well. Nothing fancy like ball room, but to dance none the less. Music groups are great and all but what impresses me is when one man or woman does a song by themselves or with one other. My favorite artist is Eminem. I have followed him through his career and always enjoyed his songs. His songs have cahnged greatly over the years and I can relate to some of them, other I listen to when I am feeling happy and want to just dance around my house some times. I really do not have an idea to make a music group of any sort, if I did it would be comprised of me and perhaps about three others, mainly as a dance group though. To me its really hard to choose just one type of music and just one artist or group to be my favorite, so as it stands I will just continue to enjoy all types of music with the mood that I am in.

Stacking and Order

We all know what Stacking is. We all know what Order is. Now all you need to do it place the two of them together and you get what Stacking Order is. Stacking Order is the Order how you stack objects on a peice of paper that you are working on. The spacing oder is always there, for example, if you place down a square and then a circle, the circle will remain in front of the square untill you go in a manually change that.

Align and Distribute

Align and Distributing are both ways to place an object or text on a piece of work to let it catch the reader’s eye better. Aligning can take one or more items to do and to align is to place one or more objects on the bottum, top, or sides of a piece. Then to Distribute is done with two or more items and it is used to space the object evening apart